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Story of record festival

Everything began in the year 1982, in the Vendée in Aubigny, a small town of 2000 people.

A handful of volunteers from the Aubigny Association decided to make this town the capital of world records.

“A crazy idea, you say, Ah well it’s done!”


From 1983-1992, Aubigny transformed itself into a town of records.

During this period, the Festival welcomed the star entertainers of the age and nearly 350 records were broken and officially recognized by none other than the judges of the famous GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS

Aubigny even holds the prize for the most records broken in a weekend.

Today it is at the “Espace des Records” that 90 objects portraying this adventure are exhibited.


“A magnificent and useless joke played by small giants”

YANNICK JAULIN – Nationally recognized original storyteller from Aubigny